Esslingen am Neckar is a large district town with 94,941 inhabitants (December 31, 2022) in the Baden-Württemberg district of Esslingen. In terms of population, the city is the largest medium-sized city in Baden-Württemberg and its tenth largest city. The city of Esslingen am Neckar is located in the middle of the Stuttgart region within the administrative district of the same name, about ten kilometers southeast of the city center of the state capital. It is the seat of the Esslingen district administration and the most populous town in the district. Esslingen is a medium-sized center for the surrounding communities. The inhabitants have the nickname Zwieblinger. First mentioned in documents in the 8th century, Esslingen had been a free imperial city since 1181. In 1803, the town lost its independence and was incorporated into the Duchy of Württemberg. Industrialization in the 19th century led to an economic boom and shaped the image of the town. The Baden-Württemberg section of the German Half-Timbered Road runs through the town.


The city’s companies are mainly active in the service, electrical engineering, vehicle construction, mechanical engineering, media and publishing and pneumatics sectors and provide around 56,000 jobs in Esslingen.

The Esslingen and Nürtingen district chambers of the IHK Stuttgart region merged on January 1, 2005. Since then, the district chamber has taken second place within the IHK Stuttgart region with 25,000 members and has a large network.