House Rules

By booking a furnished apartment from ALFA APARTMENTS or a vacation home from ALFA APARTMENTS you agree to our house rules:

  1. Check-In time is at 16:00-22:00, latest Check-Out time is at 11:00 o’clock. Guests who stay beyond their designated check-out time or delay our housekeeping staff are liable for any associated costs and expenses. The penalty in the case will be set and charged at a minimum of 1 additional night at the current applicable overnight rate.
  2. Guests are not allowed to make a reservation in their place of residence. Please contact us if you’re booking within your city.
  3. Smoking is not allowed within the whole house and in shared spaces excluding balconies. Smoking violations are subject to a 250 EUR for cleaning, deodorizing and repair damages. The same policy applies to the manipulation of smoke detectors.
  4. We’re not allowing parties of any kind in our apartments and monitor the noise level with the MINUT System to provide a pleasant living for all of the tenants and guests. The sensor is installed outside the bedrooms in the hallway and reacts when the noise level exceeds 80db.
  5. Especially during the quiet hours (Ruhezeiten) in the period 22:00-07:00 o’clock you’ve to take care of the neighbors and switch down a little bit to bit to the normal conversation level which is about 50-55dB.
  6. The settings on the technical devices (ie TV) are not allowed to be changed. The loss or damage of the remote controls will be charged with 50 EUR.
  7. Commercial photography/videography without written consent and illegal activity is strictly prohibited.
  8. Overnight guests that exceed the number stated in the reservation are not allowed. We charge 50 EUR/night of the reservation for each unauthorized guest.
  9. Garbage has to be sorted according to the instruction placed inside our apartments. In case of violation we’ve to charge a garbage resorting fee of 50 EUR.
  10. Pets are not allowed. Violation of our pet policy may result in a fine. We encourage guests with service animals to contact us before their stay.
  11. Guests are responsible for covering the cost to replace lost keys, key cards, fobs, or parking passes.
  12. Noise detecting technology may be used inside the apartment to monitor excessive noise levels.
  13. Guests take full responsibility for damages, injury, or loss that occur on the premises and its facilities. Guests must report any property damage to customer service.
  14. Booking a reservation constitutes an agreement to comply with the House Rules. Guests who violate these rules are liable for any associated damages, fees, costs, or expenses. Failure to comply may result in immediate cancellation of the reservation and eviction of the apartment without refund.