Our house rules are guided by the requirements of the Baden Württenmerg neighborhood law. Of course the feeling of noise is very personal and with several people inside the apartment it may well happen that it becomes now and then something loudy, and the volume actually spills over 80dB 🙂 That’s not a problem at all but we’re not allowing any kind of organized events or parties in our apartments.

Especially during the quiet hours (Ruhezeiten) in the period 22:00-07:00 o’clock we’ve to take care of the neighbors and switch down a little bit to max. 60dB.

Our dB-meters are in no way disturbing and are set to trigger an acoustic and visual alarm only after the limit values of 80dB during the day and 60dB during the quiet hours have been continuously exceeded. We understand the alarm as a friendly call to order to the parties involved.

Ps. Below are a few of empirical values, so that you can better imagine the situation:

  • A meal with friends or family is generally around 60-70 dB
  • A party at 70-80 dB and
  • A loud party at 80-90 dB